Crypto Outreach

Cryptotips are the perfect tool to introduce new people to cryptocurrency - printable cryptocurrency tips.

It's Easy

Create and print your tips within moments, cut them up and put them in your wallet!

Be Generous

If tipping, we recommend leaving a Cryptotip in addition to a good cash tip. This will make it more likely the service provider will pay attention to the Cryptotip.

No Risk

Your tips have an expiration date that you select. If the person you tipped doesn't claim the crypto by then, you get it back.


We're not in this to make money - we want to help you spread crypto. There is no fee to use Cryptotip, though you may donate to support this site and we appreciate it.


Cryptotip was inspired by, but since bctip isn't adding other cryptocurrencies besides BTC, we figured the community needed other options.