Welcome to Cryptotip!

What is it?

A Cryptotip is a printable cryptocurrency tip that you can give to anyone you want, whether your server at a restaurant, taxi driver, hair stylist, cashier, family, friends, or co-workers. A Cryptotip is an excellent way to quickly introduce people who have provided you with good service to the world of cryptocurrency.

What better way could there be to spread cryptocurrency in your area than by giving it away?

It's easy, free, and no-risk.

All you have to do is easily create and then print and cut-out the business-card sized tips. (It's free to use Cryptotip, unless you choose to tip us too — thanks!) Put them in your wallet and when you want to tip with crypto, leave a Cryptotip along with a generous cash tip. Be generous. Service providers are more likely to seriously examine your Cryptotip if you've also given them a good cash tip. You want to pique their interest with a bonus in crypto, not stiff them on their cash tip and make them throw out your Cryptotip.

Even if the Cryptotip ends up in the trash, it's not a problem. You get to set an expiration date so the crypto will return to the wallet you specify if the crypto isn't claimed by then.

Or, give them to your friends or family. As a stocking stuffer or included with a greeting card? Leave them in interesting places: in books at the library, or places where people are waiting around, like the laundromat... If you come up with some interesting ways to use the Cryptotip, please share them on our forum.

Our Inspiration

This site was inspired by BCTip.org, which allows users to create Bitcoin (BTC) tips. We love Bitcoin, but when the fees on the BTC network were going insane in 2017, we asked BCTip if they planned to expand to include other cryptos. They kindly responded that they were not. We think the cryptocurrency community needs a choice of cryptos for tipping. Now you can choose which crypto to tip with, thanks to Cryptotip.org.

Connect with us:

To report a bug or technical problem or make a suggestion, please join our forum here. (You will have to make a required introduction post, which keeps out spammers.)

Made in the Shire

Cryptotip originates from the Cryptocurrency Mecca of the world — New Hampshire! Our Eastern and Westernmost cities, Portsmouth and Keene are destinations for cryptocurrency usage in real life. Various local shops and restaurants accept cryptocurrency like DASH and BTC here, more per-capita than any big cities worldwide, from what we can tell on Coinmap. If you're a liberty-minded cryptocurrency fan, you really should consider moving here and joining the fun. By concentrating our efforts in one geographic area, we can advance cryptocurrency usage, and already have.